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The Best Plumbers Work Boots

July 16, 2018

best plumber work boots waterproof work boots safety steel cap

While many tradesman can select their steel capped boots from a wide array of options, deciding upon and finding the best plumbers work boots needs a little more careful consideration. While it is an obvious fact that plumbers can select any work boots they desire, the wide variety of working conditions plumbers typically face means […]

Five Great Working Socks Made To Suit Most Jobs

July 12, 2018

working socks bamboo wool australia top 5

When you are on your feet for 8 to 10 hours a day effective working socks can make the difference between sore fatigued feet and relaxed pain free feet at the end of the work day. Good work socks importantly form another layer inside your footwear to cushion and support your feet through the rigours […]

Snake Gaiters – An Australian Bush Must Have!

June 21, 2018


Venomous snakes that can kill have always been part of the Australian landscape, meaning people who move through the bush have often sought extra protection. Snake Gaiters or snake chaps offer wearers a greater degree of protection and confidence when in bushland where venomous snakes reside. But there has been some doubt as to the […]

Mens Workwear Pants – How To Select The Right Pair …

June 12, 2018

FXD Mens workwear pants WP-3 Stretch

In days gone by, picking out a pair of mens workwear pants was simple indeed. Options were uncomplicated, similar in nature and workpants were a no fuss type item. Iconic brands such as Hard Yakka and King Gee dominated the workwear pants space with most items being manufactured here in Australia. Times have changed and […]

Thirsty work demands a Thorzt?

October 13, 2017

thorzt hydrate dehydrated workers summer heat stroke

In the Australian summer workers exposed to our harsh outdoor conditions can perspire and lose salts, electrolytes and become dehydrated in no time at all. In fact if left under hydrated, workers can suffer heat stroke at great risk to their health. In recent times this risk has been realised in most work places and […]

How to find the Best Welding Boots

October 11, 2017

If you have a profession that primarily involves boiler making, welding and metal fabrication, you should always shop for work boots with the goal of finding the best welding boots that will suit you and your profession well.  There are many different professions where the correct choice in a work boot makes all the difference […]

This Winter – Hi Vis Jumpers are the just the start!

June 13, 2017

Hi vis jumper winter hoodie

Right now in workplaces all over the country, people are looking at their worn out hi vis jumper and wondering what warm hi vis jacket options are available to perfectly suit their needs. With everything from hi vis jumpers to hoodies, bomber jackets and bluey jackets – just to mention a few, there is a […]

7 Features of the Most Comfortable Work Boots

June 07, 2017

Most Comfortable Work Boots

If like most of us, you are on your feet for over eight hours a day, finding the most comfortable work boots available is a high priority. Indeed your feet will let you know if you don’t find the best work boots possible, especially when you pull off your steel capped boots at the end […]