The Workwear Spot

The Workwear Spot may make available offer discounts and other types of vouchers (Voucher). You may be offered a discount voucher as a ‘thank you’ for subscription to our website, newsletter or other electronic publication.

These terms and conditions are applicable as between The Workwear Spot and the holder of the Voucher issued by us (Holder).

A Voucher may only be used by its Holder once and may not be copied, reproduced, distributed or resold. You are prohibited from publishing or communicating to the public Voucher details either directly or indirectly in any form. You may retain a copy of the Voucher for your personal use only, or where applicable, providing a gift voucher to someone else.

Only gift Vouchers are transferrable to another person. Discount vouchers and store credits are for your use only and cannot be transferred.  Vouchers are not redeemable for cash and expire on the 12 month anniversary of the date of issue.

The Workwear Spot reserves the right to withdraw or cancel any Voucher for any reason at any time.

Vouchers may only be redeemed through the website and not through any other website. To use your voucher simply input the unique code when requested to during the shopping cart process.