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When you are on your feet for 8 to 10 hours a day effective working socks can make the difference between sore fatigued feet and relaxed pain free feet at the end of the work day. Good work socks importantly form another layer inside your footwear to cushion and support your feet through the rigours of your day. Your work socks are often the last piece of clothing to go on each work day yet they are often overlooked in terms of their importance and the comfort they provide. As with any piece of clothing we all have different tastes and needs that reflect our individual characteristics in different unique ways. Your working socks selection is one of the ways you express these differences, while also reflecting the need for different work socks to suit varying workplace settings and environments. The question we are often asked is: How do I know if I have the right type of work socks for my work needs? We have drawn up a list of the top five work sock styles that are commonly worn in Australia to assist you in determining which work socks is best for your work day.

Working Socks – The Top 5 Choices:

1. Thick Bamboo Work Socks

Bamboo work socks have grown massively in popularity in the past 10 years. Indeed bamboo items from towels and sheets to pillows and underwear have become commonplace in many homes around Australia. Bamboo work socks are now arguably the top selling sock style in Australia and thick bamboo work socks are perfect for use in work boots, perhaps making them the most popular of the bamboo sock options. The reason thick bamboo work socks suit steel capped work boot occupations is that they are great at soaking into the fabric sweat or moisture, providing optimum comfort during the day. Their thickness also provides another comfort layer in the boot and provides good protection around key wear points such as the heel and toes. If you wear work boots and have not tried thick bamboo socks yet, do yourself a favour and get a pair to try. Click here to find perfect thick bamboo socks options to purchase now.

2. Thick Wool Work Socks

Thick wool work socks were the traditional sock choice for boot wearers in Australia over much of the 19th century. Many Australians grew up with “Explorer” brand work socks that originally were made from a high percentage of wool. With the arrival of bamboo work socks, wool sock sales to work boot wearers has slowed and dipped. However wool works socks (which typically are made from about 80 – 90% wool) still have an important place in the workforce for a few key reasons including: they arguably wear better, are a comfortable natural fibre to wear and are made from a material usually sourced in Australia. Humphrey Law socks remain one of the leading manufacturers of wool work socks and have some great options designs to suit work boot wearers (including the Australian Army). To buy Humphrey Laws most popular thick wool work socks, click here….

3. Thin Bamboo Business Socks

If you are a gentleman whose workplace is an office or inner city tower then thin business socks are almost certainly your preferred socks style. The thinner nature of these socks makes them lightweight and more comfortable when wearing executive dress shoes. Bamboo socks have once again grown in popularity in this office workplace and must be considered due their superior performance throughout the work day. Thinner business sock options are also popular for ladies working in professional office environments. In recent years bright colourful business work socks have become a fashion accessory and a means to express personality whilst wearing a more traditional office uniform. If you prefer thin work socks for your work day, check out this great bamboo business sock option and give a pair a test run today, just click here…

4. Thermal Socks

Work socks take on a whole other level when your workplace is in cold or ever freezer conditions. Protecting your feet from cold and wet work conditions becomes very important indeed, particularly when those work conditions can reach minus 40 degrees. Thermal socks are thick work socks with a special weave designed to trap and lock in warm air. There are also thin sock liners that can be worn as a first layer against your feet to bring added warmth to a cold working environment. If you work in the cold, great work socks are a must- we have two terrific thermal sock options that you will love, find out more by clicking here…

5. Ankle Socks and Invisible Socks

Ankle socks are a popular work sock style choice for people wearing shoes or sneakers in their work day. If you are a courier, or work in a warehouse, low cropped ankle work socks may be the best solution for you. Ankle sock options that have a reinforced heel will wear better and last longer and provide a little more comfort. For many ladies, invisible work socks (particularly for those ladies working in healthcare or in high heels) are a popular and practical choice. There are good options here too, with varying levels of invisible sock thickness available to suit your needs well. Invisible socks provide a thin level of support and comfort when discretion is important. click here to view button fxd wp3 We are passionate about providing Australians with the best possible work socks for their work day. No matter your work environment, we have the perfect sock option to cover your needs and improve your foot comfort. Working socks have improved and evolved greatly over the last few decades so finding the best sock for your needs is now easier than ever. Whether you need thick socks for work boots, thin business socks, thermal socks for cold conditions or ankle socks to help your feet through the work day, we have you covered and want to help, check out our range of great work socks now….

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