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In days gone by, picking out a pair of mens workwear pants was simple indeed. Options were uncomplicated, similar in nature and workpants were a no fuss type item. Iconic brands such as Hard Yakka and King Gee dominated the workwear pants space with most items being manufactured here in Australia. Times have changed and so have the needs and preferences of the workforce.

In recent times, younger tradies have driven a demand for more fitted workpants with multiple cargo pockets, slim fit styles and cuffed ends being some of the more noticeable changes.  Other industry specific needs such as flame retardant fabrics have also changed the nature of the workwear landscape to the point where selecting mens workwear pants is not as simple as it once was. When you think that the average full time worker spends around ΒΌ of their working life in their work clothes, finding the best mens workwear pants for your needs is an important consideration. Listed below are the top 8 features that are common in the workwear market and will help you determine the best pants to suit your need, many can be found together in popular pants styles.

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Workpants features on offer typically include:

  • Flame Retardant Fabric β€“ If you work in areas where fire, arc flash or static electricity present big threats to your wellbeing, then specialised flame retardant work pants are a must and in most cases are a requirement.
  • Knee Pad Allowances β€“ Do you spend a lot of time working on your knees? If so, consider pants that have a room for foam pads to be taken in and out, or even pants that have knee pads built into them
  • Modern Cut β€“ Modern men need a modern cut and in Australian work pants this means a more tailored fit. Slimmer fitting work pants look smart and are what increasing amount of workers appreciate
  • Reflective Tape β€“ For night workers reflective tape is a must. Traditionally one hoop of reflective tape was enough, but now two hoops is the benchmark.
  • Elastic Waist Band β€“ Traditionally workpants have had a belt loop waist relying on a snug fit or for the wearer to use a belt. This is still the case with most workpants sold in Australia, however elastic waisted workpants are starting to appear on the market.
  • Fabric Weight β€“ This is a key decision and has implication for performance and comfort. If you live in the warmer top half of Australia, lightweight cotton drill pants will be preferred to the traditional standard weight fabric pants. However if you are a welder or work in engineering and other similar industries, the more durable standard weight cotton drill should be your choice.
  • Rip Stop Fabric β€“ Some modern lightweight work pants have incorporated small squares into their fabric design which are designed to limit or stop any rips that may form in the fabric. Rip stop fabric is a stronger version of light weight cotton drill fabric.
  • Stretch Fabric β€“ One of the biggest improvements to appear in mens workwear pants in recent years has been the release of cotton workpants with built in stretch. This is particularly good for active workers and those who move a great deal in their job. The FXD WP3 work pant is one of the best examples of great stretch work pants on the market and as such is highly recommended by us.
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What do we recommend as the best mens workwear pants?

If you are a worker employed in industries that require flame protection or strong visibility at night, then you must select workpants that meet your specific needs. However if you are working in industries that are more general in nature and do not need specialised work pants then you have much more freedom in your choice. In the past functional work pants have been the only thing available to Australian workers.

Now however mens workwear pants choice is wide ranging and improving all the time. We have found the FXD WP3 stretch cotton drill cargo pants to be the best overall for comfort, fit, performance, features and visual appeal. FXD pants have take the Australian workwear market by storm and we strongly recommend them.  Find out more by clicking here now…

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