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Snake Gaiters - An Australian Bush Must Have!

Venomous snakes have always been part of the Australian landscape. Snake Gaiters offer wearers a greater degree of protection and confidence in bushland ...

Venomous snakes that can kill have always been part of the Australian landscape, meaning people who move through the bush have often sought extra protection. Snake Gaiters or snake chaps offer wearers a greater degree of protection and confidence when in bushland where venomous snakes reside. But there has been some doubt as to the testing and performance of snake gaiters in the past, however one product now stands alone as a well researched, well tested gaiter product that wearers can use with confidence.


That product is the SnakeProtex Snake Gaiter. Designed to offer protection to the lower leg – essentially the knee to the ankle, the snakeprotex gaiter has been developed after a great deal of testing and research. In recent tests, a Taipan (which has the longest fangs of any Australian snake) held by another person was allowed to bite the SnakeProtex gaiter and pump venom into the gaiter for an extended period. At the end of this test no venom was found on the inside of the snake gaiter.


What are these Gaiters made from?

What makes this gaiter so suited to the slippery threat found in the Australian bush? The secret is in the construction, there are 4 layers built into every gaiter:

  1. Outer Layer – Made from heavy duty 600 denier polyester fabric with a PU coating.
  2. Padding – Four layers of unique SnakeProtex puncture resistant nylon fabric.
  3. Waterproof Membrane – This is a polyester PU coated waterproof layer designed to prevent venom soaking through the fabric.
  4. Lining – A comfortable soft cotton polyester fabric layer that sits against the skin


Who should wear SnakeProtex Gaiters?

There are many occupations that can go about their daily work with a greater level of confidence when wearing the SnakeProtex gaiters, such as:

  1. Parks and wildlife
  2. Workers in the oil and gas exploration and minerals drilling sector
  3. Farmers
  4. Local council environmental workers
  5. Those involved in land clearing
  6. Surveyors
  7. Prospectors
  8. Gardeners
  9. Outdoors adventure guides


Does the SnakeProtex Gaiter guarantee protection against snake bite?

Although the manufacturers of SnakeProtex Gaiters sell their product with a high degree of confidence, they do not claim the product as ‘snake proof’ as there are too many variables involved for them to make this claim. Obviously even when wearing the snake gaiters, there is still potential for snakes to bite the skin above the top of the garment. It goes without saying that even when wearing the SnakeProtex gaiter you should avoid contact with snakes at all times. SnakeProtex manufacturers are constantly reviewing infield performance of their gaiters to ensure the highest quality and most effective product possible.

snakeprotex gaiter snake protection for snakes australia

This product is tried and tested and has passed all tests encountered to date, indeed it has been sold on the Australian market for some time now with good results. So if the SnakeProtex snake gaiter is something you need or are interested in, then watch this short video to see it in action.


If this is a protection you need, click here to buy now…

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