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In the Australian summer workers exposed to our harsh outdoor conditions can perspire and lose salts, electrolytes and become dehydrated in no time at all. In fact if left under hydrated, workers can suffer heat stroke at great risk to their health. In recent times this risk has been realised in most work places and workers have been encouraged to drink plenty of water and fluids. Many workplaces are now incorporating rehydration products such as Thorzt into their summer heat hydration plans for their staff.  Some may see this as an unnecessary and over the top expense, but consider these facts:
1.  The average outdoor blue collar worker can sweat up 4 or 5 litres of fluid in a shift – double this is not uncommon.
2.  An unquenchable thirst on a hot day can be an indicator that your body is starting to suffer signs of heat stroke.
3.  Workers with poor diet and physical fitness can be at greater risk of heat stroke.
4.  Just 3% fluid loss is equivalent to working with a blood alcohol level of 0.05.
5.  Extreme conditions such as high temperatures and wearing full body clothing and PPE can result in sweat rates of up to three litres an hour.
Thorzt is a specially developed electrolyte drink with a scientifically proven mix of branch chain amino acids and carbohydrates for sustained energy release, combined with a formulated blend of electrolytes for optimum hydration in harsh Australian conditions. Packed full of great taste, Thorzt is designed to maintain mind and body function, Thorzt can boost your physical and mental potential, relieve muscle pain, cramps and spasms, and improve sleep performance and the body’s stress response. Thorzt comes in many product variations to suit different needs and workplace environments. The more popular Thorzt products include:

Thorzt Solo Shot 50 pack –This is the most popular way to buy Thorzt products and is our preference for value and usefulness. Sold in a bag of 50 small sachets, each sachet of powder is perfect for a 600–800ml bottle when mixed with water and can be used in an individual manner even on large worksites. The 50 pack is well priced when compared with popular store bought comparisons like Gatorade. Click here to buy a Thorzt solo shot pack…

Thorzt Shot load – Sold as a concentrate liquid to make up a large batch (typically 20 – 30 litres) of electrolyte liquid for a group of workers to consume over a period of a few hours.

Thorzt Ice Shots – A 90gram ice block designed to cool and refresh and deliver much needed electrolytes to your body, ice shots are a popular choice where freezers close by allow the frozen product to be stored.

SSSFMIX Thorzt Heat stroke dehydrationAs with most things moderation is important, too much Thorzt liquid or any sort of electrolyte rehydration drink will be counter-productive and is not recommended. In fact water still needs to play the primary role in your daily hydration plan. Thorzt is recommended to be used as a top up strategy once or twice a day. So why not give Thorzt products a try today, your body will notice the assistance on a hot work day. Click here to buy Thorzt sachets now…

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