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Right now in workplaces all over the country, people are looking at their worn out hi vis jumper and wondering what warm hi vis jacket options are available to perfectly suit their needs. With everything from hi vis jumpers to hoodies, bomber jackets and bluey jackets – just to mention a few, there is a winter warmer option for every person, no matter your budget or which part of Australia you live in. The best way to find the right winter hi vis option for you is to start with your clear requirements in mind – do you need reflective tape, are you doing hot work and need a flame retardant garment or is your location a deciding factor in how warm you need to be? This article will help you understand the most popular options on the market in 2017. Let’s look at these options:

Hi Vis Hoodies

If the latest fashion is your priority, a hi vis hoodie is a great item to check out. This is the year of the hi vis hoodie and with fashion and style popular among younger tradies, hoods are being added to many winter options. If you are considering a hoodie, keep in mind that if you want to add any business branding to the back of the hoodie, the hood will cause the decoration to be pushed down a lot further than normal to ensure it is visible. Hi vis hoodies are well priced and quite cost effective to buy and many young tradies like to wear them out after work.

Hi Vis Jumpers

Hi vis jumpers have been around for many years and are still a popular choice for many workers. Hi Vis jumpers are amongst the more cost effective winter options available and come in a few different fabrics options from cotton to poly/cotton and the thicker polar fleece. One of the biggest advantages of Hi Vis jumpers is they are not too bulky and can be worn as an under layer in very cold conditions. Hi Vis jumpers typically have either a round neck, v-neck or ½ zip finish – your choice will come down to personal preference.

Softshell Jackets and Vests

The hi vis softshell jacket has been our biggest seller in recent times and continues to be popular in the northern part of Australia. Made from bonded polyester, softshell jackets look great and fit well and are popular among people who want a jacket that is not bulky or too restrictive. Softshell jackets and vests tend to be sold with night work reflective tape. Softshell jackets are also available in plain colours – typically black or navy which makes them perfect for corporate office workers. Most softshell jackets are semi water repellent but are not waterproof. They are not the dearest jackets on the market but at around $70- $80 typically they are priced in the middle range of winter jacket options

Hi Vis Bomber Jackets

Hi vis bomber jackets are characterised by a waist length fit and a thick quilted inside. Also known as hi vis flying jackets, these jackets have been available for many years and have been popular due to their cost effective purchase price. One of the disadvantages of hi vis bomber jackets is their thick quilted inner layer, which whilst warm can restrict movement and be quite noisy to wear. Bomber jackets are also a shorter jacket option which can enhance movement but allow cooler air up your back if bending to work – longer line jackets are better in this instance.

4 in 1 Jackets

One of the most popular jacket options available is the 4 in 1 or 6 in 1 hi vis jackets as they can be known provide great levels of wearer choice and unrivaled versatility. They can be worn as a complete longline jacket, or pulled apart to be worn as just an outer rain jacket. Alternately, the inner vest can be pulled out to be worn on its own on mornings that are a little cool but warm by mid morning. Some four in one jacket models have sleeves attached to the inner vest of the jacket that can also be removed when needed. 4 in 1 jackets can typically range in price from $90 through to $170 depending on brand, level of warmth the jacket offers and of course the features of the jacket.

Specialty Hi Vis Jackets

There is also a number of specialty hi vis jacket options you may want to consider that are purpose made to suit difficult work conditions. Bluey jackets are heavy and warm and usually have a high wool content which makes them perfect for hot works and underground mining. They will not suit the needs of most workers however due to their weight and cost. Antistatic and flame retardant jackets are growing in popularity primarily amongst electrical and gas workers. They are often sold as a shell jacket that can be worn as a protective layer over other warm clothing. Antistatic and flame retardant jackets are more expensive than most jackets to buy due to their specialised features. For freezer and cold room workers, there are high vis freezer jackets available that allow workers to keep warm working in temperatures of up to minus 40 degrees celsius. Hi vis jumper winter hoodie 6D4lj Winter is upon us and now is the perfect time to upgrade your hi vis jumper or winter jackets. You may have a clear idea on which latest jacket style will suit you perfectly, or perhaps a combination of the above choices will work. Maybe you can’t go past the classic hi vis jumper – whatever your hi vis winter needs, have you covered. Finally, what’s my preferred jacket? I like the JB’s Softshell Hi Vis Jacket as it fits me well and suits the South East Qld climate where I live. Check out our winter range by clicking here to buy now!

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