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If you have a profession that primarily involves boiler making, welding and metal fabrication, you should always shop for work boots with the goal of finding the best welding boots that will suit you and your profession well.  There are many different professions where the correct choice in a work boot makes all the difference to comfort and longevity. For example, brick layers or cement truck drivers will find normal leather steel capped work boots will not last long, mostly because of the water and lime in cement that will quickly eat away at the boot, they may need to look at gumboots or boots with extra protection such as the Oliver 65-390 boot  – click here to view. In the same way there a number of core considerations to keep in mind when shopping for work boots.  Use these as your guide to help you find the best boots for you, the best welding boots. The three top considerations are:


As with any work boots, comfort should always be your greatest priority. The best work boots in Australia in terms of comfort generally all have similar features, which include:
  • A relatively thick foot bed insert that is soft enough for your foot to feel very comfortable (especially in the heel and at the front of the boot around the steel cap).
  • A boot with good arch support for those people that have a high arch.
  • A good sole and heel strike.
  • Ankle support to the comfort of the wearer.
So when selecting boots for welding, comfort is king. This is especially relevant as many welders stand fairly stationery for long periods   of time.

Extra features suited to welding

For a boot to truly be considered the best welding boot, it is the small features and details that make all the difference in the boots construction. Details such as Kevlar thread stitching, extra reinforcing in key wear areas and a sole better suited to a hot working environment. Another add on feature you may want to look at on top of your boot purchase are leather laces. Leather laces will mean you don’t have to replace laces as regularly.

Cost effectiveness

Value for money on any boot purchase remains one of the most important considerations for many people. Find the right balance between comfort and features that suit your need and a price that is fair.

Our recommendation for the best welding boots …  the Oliver 55385.

With all of the considerations mentioned above taken into account, we have a clear selection which we believe is the best welding boot. That boot is the Oliver 55385 Steel capped boot.  – click here to view. The features we like on this boot which we believe make it the best value welding boot in Australia are:
  • High leather finish means laces are short and high up on the boot, therefore the laces will be out of your way underneath your trousers.
  • The rubber sole is 300 degree heat rated.
  • Kevlar stitching is used in key wear parts of the boot for extra strength.55332z 55-332z Welding Boot Oliver
  • A front rubber bump cap protects the front of the boot from wear.
  • There is superior underfoot comfort inside the boot (especially in the heel).
Click here to find out how to get the best welding boots for yourself……

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