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The Best Plumbers' Work Boots

Many tradesman can select their steel capped boots from a wide array of options, but finding the best plumbers' work boots needs a little more careful consideration.

It is an obvious fact that plumbers can select any work boots they desire, but the wide variety of working conditions plumbers typically face means finding the best plumbers work boots possible is a high priority for many tradesman. There are three key things plumbers need to consider when selecting the best and most comfortable steel capped boots for work:


1. Waterproof Work Boots

True waterproof work boot options in Australia remain a little limited, however this is steadily changing as more work boot manufacturers look at and bring out waterproof boot models. Due to the amount of trench work and the work with household waste systems, a waterproof boot must be considered a high priority when selecting the best plumbers work boots. After all no tradesman likes wet socks or feet. While some waterproof boots offer a wetsuit material inner skin, more recent technology advances have seen companies like Magnum boots bring out waterproof work boots with a very good waterproof outer boot protection that is technological and less noticeable. With all this in mind the tried and true steel capped gumboots remain the best waterproof boots for wet and muddy trench work.


2. Good Slip Resistant Sole Tread Is Very Important

Many plumbers offer gas fitting services which can often involve work on residential roofs. This roof work can at times be slippery and dangerous and as such good plumbers work boots should have a superior sole tread to ensure strong grip. Work boots with good grip will have a rubber sole pattern that is much tighter and filled together with less gaps. A light flexible boot is also an important consideration for roof work due to the uneven surfaces usually encountered.


3. Comfort Is King

While having strong waterproof and non-slip properties is important when selecting the best plumbers work boots for your feet, this is far from the full story. Ultimate comfort remains the most important consideration when making a selection – and is a personal preference. Indeed, comfort means different things to different people but most people will agree good underfoot cushion, clear arch support and lightweight construction are three of the best comfort factors to look at when selecting your work boots.


Our Suggestion:

So, keeping all these factors in mind what is our recommendation for the best plumbers work boot? There are a few good options that seem to fit most of the core needs of plumbers work boots, however we believe there is one clear option that sits above all others.

Precision Max SZ CT WPI MPN150 Waterproof safety steel cap bootThe Magnum Precision Max Ct Sz Zip work boot is our recommendation. Magnum boots use a unique technology to ensure their whole boot is waterproof and that this will last for the life of the boot. The Magnum Precision Max is also very lightweight with its composite toe (not steel) meaning the whole boot is very light indeed. With a great slip resistant sole and easy access side zip (that is well protected with an internal waterproof gusset), the Magnum Precision Max boot is a great option to consider as the perfect work boot for plumbers.

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